Dan Froelich 


Video Game Music History

In 1991, I had the good fortune of getting a gig writing music for Epic Megagames' first platform game, Jill of the Jungle.  This game was a huge hit for Epic!  Jill was an early 256-color VGA game that ran in DOS and supported the (at the time) new SoundBlaster card from Creative Labs.  The SoundBlaster card was an evolutionary step forward from the popular Adlib music card as it added a digital sample playback chip (for sound effects) to the Yamaha FM chip that was also on the Adlib unit.  For music composition purposes, I wrote for the Yamaha FM chip using Adlib's Visual Composer program.  While it was like composing music with a bar of soap and a spreadsheet, the program offered lots of flexibility and power.

I've heard a number of the original game songs converted to run on modern computer sound systems, but the instrument sounds weren't very close to the Yamaha FM chip sounds.  Recently, I unearthed a copy of Adlib Visual Composer and all of my original ROL files for the first Jill of the Jungle game from 1992.  I've recorded them into ProTools, and included the MP3s below.  Enjoy!

Jill of the Jungle I

This first piece is called Dan.  Back when these were written, I had made up names that would remind me what the song was without having to listen to it every time.  That being said, I'm not sure why I called this one Dan.

This is the main title song for Jill of the Jungle, called Funky.




This one is in 7/4 time, called Seven.